DIY stereo image of earth from ISS

Here's a simple method for capturing 3-d images of the earth from the live streaming video from the ISS. The method does rely on you being able to cross or uncross your eyes to obtain a single image from two.
The cross eye method.
  • Place the 2 images at sensible viewing distance with dark, uncluttered  background. these should be side by side with edges parallel. 
  • Cross your eyes as if you are looking at the end of your nose.
  • Slowly concentrate your brain on the confusion of images of the stereo pair.
  • Gradually uncross your eyes until your brain sees 3 distinct images.
  • Move your eyes and head until the centre image of the three is a single combined as one.
  • Then use your brain to decipher the 3D.
If you're that way inclined you can try the alternative stare straight ahead method (I cannot do it!)
How to get the images.
go here:
  • Do a screen capture of the NASA video place it in an editor.
  • After a perhaps 20 seconds (chose what works best for you) capture another image
  • Crop both pictures to the video and rotate them 90 degrees
  • Place side by side
  • Do the eyeball stuff.
 It probably works best on the downward facing camera (not often used) - example shown below - note that picture has been cropped to show similar location.
If the screen capture captures every extended screen on your computer the press [ALT] [print screen] with the video page selected.
You can of course use the full screen mode of the video and screen capture that.

Of course it is not very good stereo there's too much distance to the subject!

First here's one for cross eye viewing from downward camera

cross eyed view for downwarsd facing camera (US) CLICK to ENLARGE image
Australia using maximum baseline=max 3d

cross eyed view for downwarsd facing camera (africa) CLICK to ENLARGE image

cross eye - good depth of clouds

An  image (west coast South America)
straight ahead

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