Levelised Cost Of Energy

 Costs by generation type:

Wind vs Time

PV vs time

Coal and gas vs time

It seems that coal and gas are rising with time whilst renewable are falling.
From these figures it appears that wind is now generating at a cost similar to coal and gas without carbon capture and storage.

Data from World Energy Perspective  Cost of Energy Technologies
Published by World Energy Council in 2013

The only data on wind turbine build and running cost I have found is here



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  1. It is obvious that fossil fuel prices will rise slowly because they are less every day so they become more interesting for the investors.
    In the meantime, renewable energy resources will become cheaper because new and more efficient technologies will appear, and more and more people will use clean energy.
    The problem is the fact that a future prediction (for the year 2035) says that in developing countries the consumption of coal, oil and gas will increase instead of decrease just to cover the huge energy demand created by overpopulation.
    You will say, developing states are not very important, but in this case we talk about China and India, which even if are only two countries have more than 3 billion citizens, so they represent almost half of the planet.